Travel Prep 1 旅行手冊(一)

1. Sign up with your favorite airlines  要有累積飛行哩數的習慣

Go to One Alliance and Star Alliance website. Pick your favorite airline in each alliance, so that you will be flexible to earn mileage and points when you stay in a hotel, book a flight or a rental car. 

就算並不是常常乘搭飛機或者同一家航空公司, 也要累積開會員累積飛行哩數。比如可以到環球一家或者星空聯盟。他們有很多合作伙伴,累積分數起來很方便,可以互用的。在訂酒店和租車時,也可以換成飛行哩數喲。

2. Find an adjacent airport  盡量到達與景點和酒店最近的機場

It is common a busy city has more than one airport. It is perfectly fine to land in a small airport. Go to Google Map and search your destinations for “airport”. You may find better deal with different airports.

繁華的都市一般都不會只有一個機場。就算飛到鄰近機場,比較小,但是出關入關可以快好幾陪。上GOOGLE地圖,到你的目的地尋找“機場” 就會看得一清兩楚啦。

3. Going to San Francisco Bay Area 你是在準備去三藩市矽谷灣區嗎

SF Bay Area is known for its tourist spots and techy Silicon Valley. There are 3 major airports here. They are SFO (San Francisco), SJC (San Jose) and OAK (Oakland). San Francisco is always busy and traffic is wasting time, and their customs take a longer time. Japan and China are flying in to SJC as well! Less flights which means quicker customs and less stress. OAK is a great airport flying within the US just as convenience as you go with SFO. You know you have options now.


4. Fly to Hong Kong for Macau and China. 要飛往香港轉站到澳門和中國。

Don’t worry about expansive air fare because some Asia cities has limited airports and routes. You no longer need to take the ship/boat to Macau, the KongZhuMacao Bridge allows you to ride the bus across the sea, as well as ZhuHai. The bridge runs in service for 24 hours.


5. Download WeChat before going to China.  下載微信軟件,外國人也可以用。

China is now heavily using APPs to do daily business transactions, including dining, taxi, Lyft, Uber, convenience stores… Download a WeChat APP, without WeChat Pay, you may miss some of the great food and experiences.


6. If you are a U.S. citizen and flying back to the U.S., download the Passport APP.

你是美國公民, 回來的時侯別忘了下載Passport APP啊!

The Passport APP will record your customs question and save you time through the customs. Do it as your plane lands in your destinations because it is only valid within 4 hours after your submission. If you flying internationally, you still have time do it as your plane lands and open your APP right away. 

Passport APP 會問你過關的問題然後你會有你專屬的過關隊伍,不跟別人擠。由於提交完的資料,只會存放4個小時。你只要上飛機前下載好APP。飛機降落後把APP打開,提交你的過關問題。到了海關,就輕鬆得多啦。

7. Looking for to meet people and networking? 你想認識更多不同的人和朋友,擴闊圈子嗎?

Have you heard of Startup Grind? Startup Grind is a global entrepreneur community. You are not an entrepreneur? Not a problem. You can still hang out with others and chat. Even you got free food in the event. All you need to do is go to Go to the search bar, and type “the city you are in”. You will find the nearest local chapter. Click into the chapter and see if they have an event during your stay. Or you can also go to “Events” and find the closest event from now. You will be surprise how friendly and helpful they are!

你聽過創業魔方嗎?它是一個全球性的創業群體。就算你不是創業當中,也是沒問題的啦。你只要到www.startupgrind.com尋找你所在的 “城市”。它就會幫你找出現在離你最近的活動。按進去當地的SG預訂你的位置。去完之後你會發現友好的寶藏。 

8. Are you busy and got no time for Visa or certified record?

Blue Sky Vacation provides visa and juridical certified record. You don’t need to run over 50 miles to get your travel visa or certified record in San Francisco, Sacramento. We have an one-stop travel service that help you fill out your form, take your passport photo, and provide necessary consultation. You can drop it off or we have pick up service really soon.

9. Did you find cruise online but you got stuck?

There are many cruises package online. Blue Sky Vacation can help you to get the deals for 7 days above and provides guidance to your reservation. There are many options in rooms, departure locations, etc. We make sure you know what you are buying. All you have to do is send us your cruise name, departure port, destination, and names. (

10. Do you know your fare limitations of your air ticket?
Each air ticket comes with different fares. The person next to you in the Economy Class may purchase $1000 extra than your price. But you both sitting at the same cabin with the same features. These air tickets come with different limitation. Some may charge a fee when you change your traveling date; some may be free of charge. Some may accumulate 100% or 0% of mileage. Some may have a longer ticket validity which means you limited your return date if you want to make a change. Consult Blue Sky Vacation travel consultant when purchasing, it is our responsibility to answer you.
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